Laura (1983), I consider myself a cosmopolitan with a country heart, and I love this duality!
Barcelona is my hometown, where I grew up, studied and developed professionally.
Galicia has always been my second home since I am Galician on my mother’s side.
After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to make a change in my life and settle in the middle of the Galician countryside.
In January 2022 I set up my base camp in the family village located in the Concello de Paradela (Lugo). And here began new professional and personal adventures led by my project Rural or Urban.
I love living in the middle of nature, every day is different. Here, calm is called “intense”.
The colors, the smells, the sensations, the sounds, and even the silence, are never the same. In the middle of the countryside, life is not slower, in the middle of the countryside, life is savored slowly.
This crazy feat is also my tender and particular homage to my roots.


Rural o Urbano is the fusion of these two worlds. It is not about giving a choice between one or the other. It is about making them fit together.
From here the mission of Rural o Urbano is to bring the rural to the city transmitting a fresh and modern lifestyle connected with current trends.
The vision of Rural o Urbano is to continue to enhance the visibility of the countryside and the promotion of our territory in Lugo by building a dynamic and creative umbrella brand concept that vindicates and highlights these objectives in a different way than usual.
We know that Galician gastronomy arouses passion and that is why we decided to work with very specific gastronomic products that stand out for their quality, excellence and originality.
However, Rural o Urbano is also avant-garde. And that is why we offer exclusive lifestyle elements that perfectly define the character of the brand.
Our digital platform is not only an e-commerce, hence its added value. The user will be able to consult tourist and cultural information about the environment from which we operate as well as the rest of the province of Lugo. You will also know the history behind each product, who are the producers who make it, where and what is the philosophy behind them. Producers chosen because we know their product and their project to perfection.
We aim to generate excitement and attraction for our territory, as well as boost the economy around us

“Being rural is actual”.