We are a digital loudspeaker for each of the producers we work with from Lugo.

The main objective of Rural o Urbano is to give visibility to the rural environment of Lugo through a careful and exquisite selection of local and gourmet gastronomic products from the province of Lugo.

Get to know the story behind each of the Lugo producers we work with, where their products are produced and the philosophy behind them. Producers chosen because we know the excellence of their product and their project.


Local and unique products

We offer a select range of gourmet gastronomic products focused on special moments such as a snack, a picnic, an afternoon snack or a celebration, etc.

We know that Galician gastronomy arouses passion and that is why we choose to work with carefully selected products.


Building community

We are weaving our own network of local producers from Lugo with whom we work. By promoting their projects, we are highlighting the value of our identity and our culture.

We aim to create excitement and attraction for our territory. As well as boosting the economy around us.

Provincia de Lugo


Where are our producers located?

Place your finger on each locator on this map of Lugo and discover the location of each of the local producers from Lugo we work with.

All the local producers from Lugo we work with are committed to maintaining tradition without neglecting innovation.

Get to know them one by one.

Pastelería San Miguel

Mermeladas DoSouto

Gandería Quintián

El Riba



Doces da Ulloa


Bodega Ribada

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Get to know the story behind each of the producers