Bodega Ribada

Bodega Ribada was founded in 2005 in San Fiz (Municipality of Chantada, Lugo), although the family tradition goes back several generations.

Bodega Ribada enjoys a privileged location in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, a few kilometres from Chantada, Lugo. Specifically in San Fiz, a place where the vineyards of this long-lived winery, built with magnificent local stone, are pampered by the sun, watched over and cared for with care 365 days a year.

The vineyards of Bodega Ribada are located in the sub-area of Chantada (D.O. Ribeira Sacra). The vines are grown in stairways, with slopes of up to 80%. These vineyards are classified as “mountain” vineyards. The work here is manual and sustainable, every task in the vineyard must be done by hand because mechanisation is impossible.

At Bodega Ribada, wine and “terroir” are two words with the same meaning.

San Fiz (Municipality of Chantada, Lugo)

“The time of wine begins in the vineyard and ends in the glass”.

Bodega Ribada


For this winery, time and patience in the process of creating and making a good wine are the key pillars of its work philosophy.

The result of this simple but laborious combination is the excellence in the quality and flavour of Bodega Ribada wines.

Differs because

It is a small, family-run winery that, thanks to the effort and constant improvement in its production process, has managed to position its exclusive and exceptional quality wines as a benchmark gourmet gastronomic product in Lugo.

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