Cervexa Artesá Aloumiña

Cervexa Artesá Aloumiña was born in the city of Lugo in 2013. Alberto was the initial creator, later Pedro joined. Their goal, to make different beers.

The headquarters of Cervexa Artesá Aloumiña is located in the Lugo neighborhood of La Tinería. It is both a brewery and a boutique. It brews craft beer with its own identity and gives shape to new ideas and creations.

Cervexa Artesá Aloumiña brews craft beers following the same initial standard: an enormous desire to create a totally handcrafted product that pays homage to the end customer.

In galicia, Aloumiña means: “affection, caress”.

Lugo (Municipality of Lugo)

Beer brewed in the heart of Lugo city.


Local production and limited production to offer differentiation, quality and exclusivity.

Differs because

It has a limited series and 10 different types of craft beer, 3 of which have been awarded in different editions of the Barcelona Beer Challenge.

In Cervexa Artesá Aloumiña you can enjoy tastings-pairings, guided tours of the brewery or brewing courses.

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