Mermeladas DoSouto

A personal project that Milagros López materialised in 2012 in the village of Vilar de Aldixe, (Municipality of Paradela, Lugo).

She is a faithful advocate of the production of a quality local product. Her first big step was to bet on the recovery of the chestnut. A fruit that has always been more than abundant in the area of Paradela.

In Galicia, we call a land populated by chestnut trees a “souto”. Milagros decided to reactivate her family’s soutos and generate profitability through chestnuts and their multiple uses by making chestnut creams and syrup.

Soon after came her homemade jams made by herself with home-grown and local fruit.

Vilar de Aldixe (Municipality of Paradela, Lugo)

Deliciously local artisan marmalades.


Respecting and promoting the territory through artisanal production using home-grown raw materials and carefully selected fruits.

Differs because

Mermeladas DoSouto has known how to pay homage to its ancestors by recovering and valuing its own environment, resulting in a high quality and excellent product with an intense 100% natural flavour.