Doces da Ulloa

In the heart of Monterroso (Municipality of Monterroso, Lugo), you will find a corner of delight where tradition and flavour merge masterfully.

In the Doces da Ulloa chocolate shop, each creation is a testimony to the passion transmitted by this family business run by women.

Once you enter the Doces da Ulloa chocolate shop, you will be greeted by the sweet fragrance of cocoa. Its cosy and familiar atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a sensory journey that will transport you back in time, where chocolate was more than just a delicacy, it was a work of art.

In the showcase of its charming shop you will find a display of chocolate varieties that always conquer the most demanding palates. From dark, white and milk chocolate bars, their famous artisan chocolate “pedras” made with toasted almonds, their endearing mini chocolate bars ideal for the little ones, to their indescribable classic chocolate and puffed rice nougat that unleashes passions every Christmas.

Monterroso (Ayuntamiento de Monterroso, Lugo)

Handmade chocolates made with love.


To elaborate an artisan product from an excellent raw material.

Differs because

Doces da Ulloa handmade chocolates offer a unique and deliciously traditional experience. Each piece of chocolate is an authentic expression of dedication to the art of chocolate making.

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