Xianas is founded in 2016 by Nélida Sobrado from Lugo and Ana Ledo from A Coruña.

They both decided to bet on the recovery of a centuries-old biscuit recipe traditionally made in Taboada (Lugo). In order to reinvent the product and turn it into a sweet and modern gourmet treat.

Its famous Xianas biscuits are made in a completely handmade way with natural ingredients and without any kind of additives or preservatives.

The Xianas orixinais maintain their traditional buttery flavour. However, two other types of biscuits, Coffee Xianas and Almond Xianas made have been added to the Xianas product range to please the most demanding palates.

These biscuits were traditionally made with metal plates that were placed on the fire and Xianas wanted to maintain this operation. The result is a crunchy, tasty and irregular biscuit, the result of its artisan production.

Each biscuit has a symbol of the culture and history of Galicia stamped on its surface. Something that makes them totally unique and original.

Taboada (Municipality of Taboada, Lugo)


“Get to know and taste Galicia with every biscuit.” Xianas


Transmission of generational and traditional know-how through their sweet gourmet creations.

Differs because

The love of tradition and the desire for personal reinvention of both creators and producers of Xianas were key to the creation of this business project.

Together, Neli and Ana have been able to create a product that maintains and transmits an original and historic recipe.

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