Gandería Quintián

Born in the 60s in Quintián (O Páramo Town Council, Lugo).

In 2006 Chelo and Julio took over from the next generation. And it is in 2010 when they decide to value the fresh milk from their cows and the territory; being pioneers in the direct sale of pasteurized cow’s milk without any preservatives.

In 2020 Gandería Quintián starts a new project with the launch of its cheese dairy. Here they produce artisan gourmet cheeses made from cow’s milk, moulded by hand one by one.

Their Néboa and Agarimo cheeses mature in an underground cellar, the sancta sanctorum of the Quintián space. The place where each piece quietly acquires its own personality with an ideal percentage of humidity.

Quintián (O Páramo Town Council, Lugo)

A visionary family project faithful to the Galician countryside of Lugo.


Caring for the land as well as being transmitters and guardians of tradition and culture.

Differs because

Their top priority is the care of their cows and their welfare.

They do not only produce and process artisan gourmet cheeses. They create and provide emotions through flavour and aromas.

Gandería Quintián stands on a mountainside six metres below ground in the interior of Lugo, specifically in the municipality of O Páramo, in front of a beautiful valley that they call “their balcony to nature”.

The construction of their cheese dairy has no impact on the landscape. It respects the environment in which it is located and is an example of a sustainable project.

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