El Riba

This is the name of one of the most popular places and meeting points among the people of Lugo.

El Riba is located in one of the best corners of the historic centre of Lugo, Plaza del Campo nº 12.

Emilio Martínez, originally from Cantabria, founded and opened the doors of El Riba a decade ago. During which time the flow of customers has not stopped increasing. And it is probably the Vermouth El Riba that is the main reason.

El Riba has a very special recipe created by Emilio himself, which came about as he says: “the result of chance or destiny when he did not follow the exact steps of a recipe” recommended by two of his best friends.

Identifying a vermouth with a city or vice versa is a rare thing. El Riba is the exception that proves the rule.

Lugo (Municipality of Lugo)

“The Vermouth we drink in Lugo”.

                                                                                                 Vermouth El Riba


As Emilio often says: “I am one of those who think that many of the things that happen to us in life are predetermined and, whatever we do, they will happen”.

This phrase sums up very well the way of seeing life of the creator of this intoxicating elixir. It was created by a series of coincidences and today it is a classic in the capital of Lugo.

Differs because

Knowing how to combine quality service and the constant creation of new products in its range of products.

Vermouth El Riba is one of the most popular local products in the city of Lugo.