Almond Xianas biscuits 150g


Almond Xianas biscuits 150g are a sweet gourmet product from Lugo handmade by Xianas in Taboada (Municipality of Taboada, Lugo).

Almond Xianas biscuits 150g are made without preservatives, thickeners or colorants.

“Get to know and taste Galicia with every cookie”; Xianas.

Xianas promotes the heritage of Galician culture through the symbols coined in each of its biscuits

Xianas has the Artesanía alimentaria de Galicia certification.

Gourmet gastronomic product from Lugo.

Discover the delicious Aloumiños made by Xianas. Or the rest of their Original Xianas biscuits 150g or Xianas Coffee biscuits 150g.


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