Aloumiña Salgadiña Craft Beer


Aloumiña Salgadiña craft beer is a craft beer brewed by Aloumiña in the Tinería district of the city of Lugo.

Craft beer made exclusively for the restaurant “A Cofradía de Rinlo” (Ribadeo, Lugo) to pair with its popular rice stew.

Gose craft beer brewed with sea water, lemon and coriander.

The main objective of Aloumiña is to brew different beers. Reinterpreting the classic styles that craft beer lovers love so much, bringing a personal touch to each of its references.


17 IBU.

Bottle 33cl.

Alcoholic content 5.6% Vol.

Silver Barcelona Beer Festival (BBF) 2017 & Bronze Barcelona Beer Festival (BBF) 2019.

Gourmet gastronomic product from Lugo.

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Aloumiña Salgadiña Craft Beer

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