Canned octopus in extra virgin olive oil Currimar 100g


Canned octopus in extra virgin olive oil Currimar 100g is a gourmet product handmade by Currimar Conservas in Xove (Municipality of Xove, Lugo).

Discover the flavour of the Cantabrian sea that bathes the coast of Lugo with this canned octopus, where quality and tradition converge to bring to your table an incomparable gastronomic experience.

It is the quality of the raw material of Currimar Conservas octopus and the way in which it is cut and cooked, which gives it that unique flavour so similar to that of freshly cooked octopus.

Bathed in excellent extra virgin olive oil, it is an unforgettable mouthful.

Currimar Conservas was born as a women’s initiative of women from the coast of Lugo (Xove, A Mariña lucense) who learned to make preserves in a totally traditional way from the people of their own territory.

Currimar Conservas cares for the ecosystem by choosing good-sized octopus, consciously avoiding small octopus; good-sized octopus has a better taste and texture as it has been fed for longer on shellfish, which is its diet. The slices are carefully placed inside the glass jar and drizzled with top quality, golden and fruity extra virgin olive oil.

First quality raw material to obtain “flavours like those of yesteryear”.

No additives. Not salt added.

Net weight 140g.

Gourmet gastronomic product from Lugo.

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Canned octopus in extra virgin olive oil Currimar 100g