Capackzo Pausa Agarimo Gourmet


The Capackzo Pausa Agarimo Gourmet is a gourmet pack from Lugo.

The Capackzo Pausa Agarimo Gourmet is the perfect combination of gastronomic product for a salty and sweet “vermouth time” in which the Agarimo cheese from Gandería Quintián is the connecting element with the rest of the gastronomic products that you are going to enjoy.

We propose an original “vermouth time” with which you will be able to enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience as a couple or with friends.

Enjoy a small snack during a relaxed moment, after work or during a pre-meal snack.

With the Capackzo Pausa Agarimo Gourmet you will receive:

Our Rural o Urbano Capackzos are the ideal choice if you want to give a thank you gift or a small present to someone you appreciate in an original and exclusive way.

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Capackzo Pausa Agarimo Gourmet