Coffee Xianas biscuits 150g


Coffee Xianas biscuits 150g are sweet gourmet product from Lugo handmade by Xianas in Taboada (Municipality of Taboada, Lugo).

Coffee Xianas biscuits 150g biscuits are made according to the traditional coffee-based recipe. No preservatives, thickeners or colourings.

Get to know the Galician delicacy with the popular Xianas biscuits that have already conquered the most demanding palates in Galicia.

Xianas biscuits represent the culmination of a traditional recipe that brings with it the authentic flavour of the interior of the province of Lugo.

“Get to know and taste Galicia with every cookie”; Xianas.

Xianas promotes the heritage of Galician culture through the symbols coined in each of its biscuits.

Xianas has the Artesanía alimentaria de Galicia certification.

Gourmet gastronomic product from Lugo.

Discover our Capackzo Xianas Gourmet.

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Coffee Xianas biscuits 150g