LA SAGA DE LAS CURANDERAS book. Marisa Castro Cerceda


Title of the book: LA SAGA DE LAS CURANDERAS

Author: Marisa Castro Cerceda

Hércules Publishing house (A Coruña)

Spanish language

Through the life of Rosalía Carcedo (1911-1972) we travel through part of the 20th century, from Galicia, where she was born, through the Madrid of the Republic and the Civil War, to the village where she returned to live during the Dictatorship and where she continued to practise her profession as a healer, despite the incomprehension that surrounded her and the incredulity of people with invincible ignorance, who did not understand or did not want to know.

This fictional biography of a Galician healer provides an insight into the relationship of those people with the population and with the civil and religious authorities. It also helps to approach the use of herbs and mushrooms, both for curative and magical purposes, in the cryptic and undervalued world of the Galician meigas.

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LA SAGA DE LAS CURANDERAS book. Marisa Castro Cerceda