Mini Sanandresiño The Flower


Sanandresiños are Galician amulets made of molded breadcrumbs and hand painted with aniline in San Andrés de Teixido (Municipality of Cedeira, Coruña).

They are characterized for being very original pieces full of color and symbolism. Each piece is unique, so there is no one like the other. The colour of the Sanandresiño you will receive may vary depending on stock availability.

There are 8 of the most popular amulets. Mini Sanandresiño The Flower is the amulet for love.

Its origin has a history of more than 200 years of tradition.

The Sanandresiños with which Rural o Urbano works are made by master craftsman Jorge Bellón. He and his creations are part of the project and Foundation Artesanía de Galicia.

It is the perfect gift for weddings, celebrations and special events.

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Mini Sanandresiño The Flower