Ribada Selección Godello


Ribada Selección Godello is a wine from Lugo produced at Bodega Ribada located in San Fiz (Chantada, Lugo).

Young white wine D.O Ribeira Sacra.

Godello grape variety 100%.

The vineyards of the Bodega Ribada winery are cultivated in stairways, with slopes of up to 80%. These vineyards are classified as “mountain” vineyards. The work is manual, every task in the vineyard has to be done by hand because mechanisation is impossible.

Bordeaux bottle 75cl.

Alcoholic content 13.50 vol.

Gourmet gastronomic product from Lugo.

Discover Ribada Selección mencía Rosado and let yourself be conquered by its freshness and lightness.



Ribada Selección Godello


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